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Post by Vicar on Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:12 pm

Set under the "Outside the Timestream" category next to the OOC chatter board, a forum labeled "Court" has been added to the board. This forum is the house threads in the area that will be Elysium for the month. It is an in-character board for roleplaying, just like the forums under the "Districts" category. The only difference is that, as its category's name suggests, this area does not progress at the regular pace of the game.

Players may have their characters present in a thread on the Court forum as well as have their character participating in the game as normal in a District of GR. Court is assumed to occur at the beginning of the month, so characters may be cognizant of everything that they knew at the beginning of that time period, but should not use or reference events that occurred afterward. At the end of the month, the thread(s) on the forum will be archived just like any other completed scene, and a new Court will be held at the beginning of the following month.

The intention of this area is to allow players to interact with the most important characters in the game - each other! - without feeling like they are losing time that could be spent on scenes out in the city. After all, it can't be a political game if nobody ever rubs elbows. This should also be a convenient way for new characters to start their first night - acknowledgments are most fun when the fresh blood is being judged by as many people as possible! It may also be a good opportunity to get familiar with NPCs, but the intended emphasis is absolutely on the player characters.

As with any other in-character area in the city, players should be clear when their characters are exiting or entering the scene, and keep their characters' knowledge of events limited to only the periods in which they were present. "Soft RP" is not being enforced at a ST level, but the space is the declared Elysium of the city for the duration of the month, so using powers of the blood, attacking anybody, or damaging the environment are unlikely to go over well in-game. In case something does happen to your character inside of a Court thread, the effects will not be added to your character sheet or Temporaries tracker until Court adjourns at the end of the month - that means that if a character is punished or rewarded on week 1, it will not have an effect until after week 4.

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