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Post by Vicar on Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:16 am

Downtime is likely going to be just as important to this chronicle as scene time, as it covers half a month at a time and may have city-wide consequences put into motion by a single faction or even character. As such, there should be defined terms in which these consequences might be put into motion.

A character may take up to a number of Personal downtime actions equal to one third their total Attributes score, rounded down (therefore, base-points characters get 8). Each Personal action that a character takes costs 1 Blood.
A character may also direct a number of Retainer actions equal to the number of dots they have invested in that Background at no Blood cost. These actions must be limited to the kinds of actions that a Retainer would be able to perform, such as maintaining the regnant's Resources, or adding a Combine maneuver into one of the regnant's Influence actions.

Example actions:
Feeding is as described on pages 259-260, with each attempt being equal to a single victim. Players should define their intended hunting ground and their intended method (including what they believe is the correct pool, though the ST may request a different pool for the given method) when they declare the hunt. The amount of blood gathered in the course of a hunt (not necessarily a single victim) is equal to the number of successes in the hunting roll. If a Feeding attempt is botched, the player may choose to either lose 2 Blood automatically (in addition to the 1 spent to initiate the attempt), or play out the scene during game-time prior to undertaking any actions that game-night.

Influence actions are as described here.

Backgrounds management is probably the most nebulous action a character may undertake, as it may describe a character tapping their Allies for a single action (negotiation may be necessary), reaching out to their Contacts for a single question (roll Contacts rating against DC7 as on pg116, Willpower may be used), or maintaining their Resources. Due to the house rules concerning the Herd background, it may not be accessed as an action during downtime because it is assumed to happen naturally and easily during that time-frame.

Research is as described on pg265, and can cover anything from hitting the library, searching through online documents, conducting simple interviews, or digging through private stores of occult tomes (with previously-established access, of course). Multiple attempts to research the same subject may be attempted during the same downtime by using multiple DT actions.

Other actions may be proposed by players, but growing Backgrounds (other than Influences) should occur exclusively in-scene so as not to lose the flavor of the game at large.

Downtimes should be tracked in a thread within a character's private forum, not through PM or other means.

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