Grand Rapids's take on the Traditions

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Grand Rapids's take on the Traditions Empty Grand Rapids's take on the Traditions

Post by Vicar on Sun Oct 23, 2016 11:38 am

The Masquerade
Preserve your identity and that of your kind, be conscientious with your use of the Blood lest you be known by its use, be judicious in the ebb and flow of your Blood lest its currents be traced back to its source.

The Domain
The city is the domain of the Helm, over which he is sovereign. Dutiful service in line with the offices of the court may earn another kindred a plot upon which they may act as lord, but the lord of the fief shall remain vassal to the sovereign. With Blood as with land, and to abuse communal Blood is to forfeit your right to it.

The Progeny and the Accounting
None shall Embrace within the city.

Those who do not present themselves before the Court and gain its acceptance are enemies of the Court.
To be accepted into the Court of Grand Rapids is to be released from the prejudices from whence you came; you are no longer of them, you are of this Court, and no past allegiance or enmity may be held above the purposes of this Court.

Any harm you bring upon a member of the Court shall be avenged sevenfold upon you.

Grand Rapids's take on the Traditions EplmacF

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