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Post by Vicar on Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:18 pm

Once gameplay begins, Backgrounds may only be gained as a reward for role-playing - no amount of XP will substitute this. Increasing your Influences may be done with a combination of the Growth Maneuver and role-playing.

Multiple Actions
The player declares the total number of actions he wishes his character to attempt and determines which of those dice pools is the smallest. He may then allocate that number dice among the actions as he sees fit.
Vampires with the Discipline of Celerity may take multiple actions without subtracting dice from their dice pools. These extra actions may not themselves be divided into multiple actions.

Automatic success
If the number of dice in your dice pool is equal to or greater than the task’s difficulty, your character automatically succeeds. This does not work for all tasks, and never works in combat or other stressful situations. Using this only grants a single success for the roll.

Resisted challenges
Most challenges in the game will be 'static challenges' with difficulties (DCs) determined by the ST. When directly opposing another character (trying to brace a door against being battered down, spotting a pick-pocket, etc.), however, you are entering a 'resisted challenge.' The DC of the check is equal to the Attribute your opponent used in their pool. The winner's grade of success is determined by how many more successes he rolled than his opponent did, so if A gets 4 successes and B gets 3, A's result is only worth 1 success in total.

One BP is enough to heal one Bashing or Lethal point of damage, but the character must be fairly inactive in order to heal this way - it can occur during a simple conversation or while hiding behind cover, but not during a sword fight. Aggravated damage costs 5 BP to heal and a full day's rest, with additional points within that same day costing 5BP and one Willpower.

Blood buff
Vampires may reflexively spend blood (up to their generational maximum per turn) to increase any of their Physical attributes. They may raise them up to 1 above their gen. cap for a full scene, or above that limit for 3 turns.

Blood blush
A vampire may appear to be alive for a full scene by spending (8 - Humanity) BP. Vampires on a Path may not use this rule, and so must always be careful with how they present themselves around mortals.

Taking up to 2BP from a healthy human is a safe amount, above that risks hospitalization or death. A vessel that has been injured has a reduced blood pool, increasing their risk of death from being fed on.
A vampire can only drain up to 3BP from a vessel in a single round, regardless of their Celerity.

Soaking damage
Only roll your Soak pool once per round of combat, but that result will apply to every individual source of damage your character takes that round.

It only takes a sip in order to induce a Blood Bond in a mortal, but it takes a full trait of Vitae to Bond another vampire or make a mortal into a ghoul.

Resisting Frenzy
When a character is triggered into frenzy, they must roll the relevant Virtue against the proper difficulty and achieve 5 successes before they have fully overcome the urge to frenzy. Each success less than five gives the character another round to attempt to control themselves in or remove themselves from the source of the trigger.

Humanity and Virtues
Regardless of their dot count, no Virtue pool may be greater than the character's Humanity or Path rating.

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