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Post by Vicar on Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:07 pm

Starting characters in this chronicle will begin with 50xp and 20 Freebie Points (instead of 15). Merits and Flaws are allowed with Storyteller approval, with the regular cap of 7pts each. More Flaws may be applied to a character than are credited for points.

Players are encouraged to find a "theme song" for their character. More material, players are encouraged to the tune of up to 10xp to write and submit a background for their character that covers who they were in life, how their Embrace affected them, how they have lived their unlife, and why they came to Grand Rapids. The reward is based off the usefulness to the ST that the background provides, not necessarily the technical aspects of the writing or emotional weight of the story. Feed me loose ends!

During gameplay, certain Merits or Flaws may be able to be applied to an active character sheet. In the case of Merits, the Storyteller will either approve their being purchased at 2x the initial cost, or reward them for role-playing. Flaws may be added either temporarily or permanently as appropriate to the results of scenes, but points will not be credited for them.

Only materials in the V20 rulebook and the Influences section in the book "Dark Epics" are available to player characters. This is especially true for Merits, Flaws, and Disciplines, and even things like "Hobby Abilities" will be encouraged to find place as a specialty of a listed Ability.

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